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HR-on-Demand understands that your HR people will routinely be involved in the day-to-day management of payroll, vacations and workplace issues. Their ability to take on additional projects is limited, and doing so usually counter-productive. We add capabilities to your existing staff on an as-needed basis – the most cost-effective way to manage any business.

  • Compliance and Pay Equity – you can’t afford not to be aligned with the latest legislation
  • Labour Relations – work proactively with labour to ensure harmonious interaction
  • Mediation – rapid, impartial dispute resolution
  • HR Diagnostics – monitoring to determine gaps in your HR coverage
  • HR Strategy – plan for optimum number of staff in the proper positions, avoiding organizational mis-alignment
  • Workload Assessment – assign roles to appropriate skillsets

Trillium AerialTrillium Health Centre

World Class Care

The multi-site Trillium Health Centre is the home of Canada's first Spine Centre, Comprehensive Stroke Unit, and Family Care Centre, not to mention the Surgicentre - North America's largest day surgery facility.

The Issues

People Practices director Sandra Smith wanted to ensure that Trillium Health Centre was managing employee expectations by ‘walking the talk'. While Trillium had an employee engagement survey in place, her concern was that current employees might provide a biased view, and that a more detailed review of those leaving could provide candid insight and clarity. To determine if Trillium was on the right track, she commissioned HR-on-Demand to discover best practices and the subsequent results surrounding exit interviews. This was a progressive and pro-active move by Trillium to cement their reputation for innovative people practices.

HR-on-Demand reviewed the exit interview process, including a focus group of interviewers on consistency of this application. The best practices study reviewed the use of exit interviews in comparable sized industry - not just other healthcare organizations.

Business Impact

The results confirmed the value of the pro-active employee engagement survey approach. It also saved time and money by eliminating the need to re-tool the exit interview process. The increased visibility to the expectation gaps for employees renewed focus on retention strategies.


"HR-on-Demand provided us with consulting support to design an innovative structure with Immediate ROI"

- Sandra Smith, People Practices Director, Trillium Health Centre



Trillium MississaugaTrillium Health Centre

The multi-site Trillium Health Centre is the home of Canada's first Spine Centre, Comprehensive Stroke Unit, and Family Care Centre, not to mention the Surgicentre - North America's largest day surgery facility.

The Issues

Trillium called HR-on-Demand for assistance in restructuring the administrative assistant pool to utilize resources optimally. HR-on-Demand conducted a workload assessment, and examined expectations of those in the role - versus the expectations of their managers. Additionally, we performed a time study, reviewed workflows for consistent practices & highlighted conflicts/gaps in overlapping and adjacent responsibilities.


The result was a Role Redesign structure with a lens to effective resource utilization - assigning work based on skills, competencies and people. This enabled realignment to manage expectations and eliminate conflicts. Job descriptions were revised to reflect reality in both skill sets and workload. All HR-on-Demand recommendations were implemented by Trillium Health Centre, which benefited from increased productivity, clear demarcation of responsibilities, and the right people in the right roles.


Business Impact

Not only did the workflow align with needs and expectations, a reduction of 7 Full Time Equivalent's was achieved, with a Return-on-Investment of less than one year.

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HR-on-Demand maintains an extensive Talent Bank of people with senior project Human Resources skills for application to the variable needs of your business, on demand, only when you need them!

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