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The Human Resources Skills You Need

- When You Need Them

HR General

Effective Human Resources managers and departments help structure their organizations to have the most appropriate skills available for common use. You don't 'stock up' on skill sets used only occasionally. You sub-contract those skills as needed, to maintain cost effectiveness and have access to superior skill sets, experience and knowledge base.


Customize Your HR Skill Set

HR-on-Demand offers a range of specialty services designed to augment your existing Human Resource capabilities. By outsourcing projects and tasks to experienced specialists, you ensure quality results, and minimize execution time.

For growing businesses, the decision of when to add Human Resources personnel can be problematic. You will have some basic administrative needs - and occasional requirement for more sophisticated skills. HR-on-Demand allows you to outsource basic capabilities on a regular basis. This flexibility enables you to grow, and add our Professional Services when they make the most sense. This cost effective model allows you to avoid taking on full-time commitments the business may not yet be ready for. And it keeps you from paying constantly, for skills and expertise you need occasionally.

HR-on-Demand - your partner in making HR sensible for your business.




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HR-on-Demand maintains an extensive Talent Bank of people with senior project Human Resources skills for application to the variable needs of your business, on demand, only when you need them!

We are located at 315-2111 Lakeshore Blvd W, Toronto, ON, Canada.

To contact us click here.

HR-on-Demand has extensive sector experience which allows us to fully customize each of the services listed for: 


Not For Profit Organizations

Large Businesses

Small-Medium Businesses

Absence & Attendance Management
Assessment & Coaching
Change Management
Compensation Plans
Disability Management
Due Diligence
Employee Engagement
Equity Compliance
HR Diagnostics
HR Strategy
Incentive Programs
Interim Placement

Labour Relations
Leadership Development
Learning & Development
Mediation & Facilitation
Organizational Development
Performance Management
Policies & Procedures
Project Staffing
Recognition Programs
Retention Planning
Succession Planning
Workload Assessment