Effective staffing doesn’t always mean a full-time hire. Thoughtful and planned use of temporary, interim and project resources can increase overall efficiency levels dramatically. These tools can also greatly decrease ‘ramp up’ time in imparting necessary knowledge and skill-sets.

HR-on-Demand is a renowned specialist in establishing comprehensive workforce plans. These identify and capture opportunities for optimum staffing. With our help, you may never need to ‘right-size’ or re-organize again. 

Check out the sections below to see how HR-on-Demand can help you manage effective staffing.

Interim Placement

Does your organization suffer when key personnel are away for extended periods?

The are a wide variety of reasons why people are absent from the office for months at a time. Family leave, disability & illness, leave of absence, temporary postings abroad… the list goes on.

HR-on-Demand assists corporate clients by ensuring they stay at optimum performance levels, adjusting constructively for the absence of key people. We team our skill base of people able to fill key roles on an interim basis with your organization’s needs.

This can include managing extended absences or assisting during peak volume periods, by placing HR staff in your offices for a defined period of time. Of course it is customized to your needs by adjusting level of expertise, the time period required and finding cost effect project alternatives.