You need your staff performing at peak levels to enable your business to be all it can. This means ensuring that staff are self-managing to reduce absences.
It means engagement levels which preclude coasting.
It means managing disability to minimize downtime, yet maintaining fair practices for your staff.
And perhaps most importantly it means ensuring that the roles and responsibilities align with business needs, and can be met in the most efficient and effective manner.

Check out the sections below to see how HR-on-Demand can help you achieve premium performance levels.

Attendance Management


Absenteeism is the sleeping-giant of cost, impacting productivity in Canada. A recent Conference Board of Canada survey reported that 32 percent of employers consider absenteeism to be a major workplace concern. One recent Canadian study reported that absenteeism-related costs can be as high as 17% of a company’s payroll.

HR-on-Demand’s focus is to manage attendance in a fair, consistent and supportive manner that is foundational to reforming workplace culture in which good attendance is not just expected, it is required.

The backbone of our Attendance Management Program utilizes a sophisticated attendance formula that identifies excessive episodic, periodic and recurrent absences. It allows for seamless, real-time access to credible and reliable data on employees throughout the period that the employee is being counseled to improve attendance.

Our Attendance Management Program strives to maintain consistency and objectivity in keeping with recognized arbitration decisions. The program delivers timely and effective solutions geared to reducing workplace absenteeism.

Our structured program provides a strategic solution that is pivotal to improving workplace attendance and your company’s success.