Are your people paddling in the same canoe, in the same direction, in unison? How do we transfer an Entrepreneur’s or CEO’s enthusiasm for clear performance expectations to his/her staff?
HR-on-Demand is based on awareness that most human resource issues start with a mismatch between their leader’s expectations and a staff not knowing how to satisfy the work demands of this active driving leader.

HR-on-Demand’s organizational effectiveness services start with:

  1. Creating a mandate which links the business objective to the department or unit focus identifying support services required to support the business
  2. Clearing up the communication of business performance expectations, the idea, so that implementation action steps and standards are identified, communicated and measured
  3. Alignment of service support services to business requirements in terms of required expertise level for exactly and only the number of hours to complete the tasks
  4. Definition of a continuous improvement follow up level to fine tune support services to adjust to the business demand

Service continues with clear performance objectives, measurable standards based on a continuous value for money review process. Check out the tabs below for more details of HR-on-Demand capabilities.

Labour Relations – work proactively with labour to ensure harmonious interaction

Organizational Development

To sustain competitive advantage organizations are compelled to continually innovate with unprecedented speed. Rapid responses to the marketplace will be possible only in those organizations which promote continual advances in knowledge within their cultures.

To do this, organizational leaders and members must radically shift the way they think and act in relationship to their work. They must place a new emphasis on learning and the harnessing of individual and collective creativity. This requires a new type of workplace relationship.

HR-on-Demand utilizes Organization Improvement Opportunity Reviews, which provide a technology and a process for such organization change.