Entrepreneurs and CEO’s usually have a business vision. What they may not have is the experience or people-specific skills to allow them to translate this vision into a workforce strategy. Or to understand how Human Resources issues can impact future business decisions.

HR-on-Demand can work with you to develop a comprehensive workforce and personnel plan – and the means to communicate this effectively. We can help you define the risk and opportunities, to allow you to make informed business decisions.

Check out the sections below to see how HR-on-Demand can help you plan effectively.

HR Diagnostics

The purpose of Human Resources Diagnostics is to review the strategy, structure and services required of the HR Department vis-à-vis the needs of the organization. The diagnostics will help you determine whether existing HR practices are meeting increased exposure brought on by HR related legislation and assisting in such areas as employee recruitment, retention and recognition.

There are numerous benefits to HR diagnostics conducted by an objective third party. A thorough, comprehensive review will provide the basis and rationalization for your HR Strategy and accompanying budget. It will assist you to determine what is required and the order of priority, as well as the parameters of each, for example:

  • The diagnostics will expose and quantify any risks faced by your organization, such as potential penalties/costs based on non-compliance (i.e. Occupational Health & Safety Legislation), or inadequate policy protection.
  • Identify policies/programs which can assist with employee retention/engagement.
  • Rationalize the HR staffing complement and structure.